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About Us

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When Google hammered PBNs back in 2014, all the existing black hat link building strategies went invalid, and the ones who blindly depended on them were thrown out of the window. Adapting and sticking on to white hat methods were painful and required immense human efforts, which never came in cheap. One of our pioneers Sasneh, commenced his career in search engine optimization in the same year. Back then, the industry lacked quality link providers and reliable marketplaces. He vigorously tried to raise the quality and provided thoughtful services that eased pressure on agencies and clients who depended on him. Backlink Builder’s journey started there as a one-person army with the aim of growth hacking the heights of white hat link building.

We ditch all the quasi buzzwords and crumbling techniques in the industry and rely purely on traditional outreaching methods. We have thorough relationships with some of the largest publishers on the web, and our content quality has never disappointed them, as ever!. If you’re someone like us, who wants to deliver high-quality backlinks with greater authority and value building capability, let’s talk! We might surprise you.

Although no one knows the recipe for Google’s secret sauce, everyone is certain that the links play a significant role in the same. We believe that building high-quality links from authoritative sites will help in developing a website’s domain authority, organic ranking, and referral traffic.

Quality is our priority: We prioritize delivering the best quality links that last forever over toxic links at any cost. And by building better links, we can help our clients adequately and foster an intense passion for our organization.

In a market where you’ll get black hat links for cheap, which will give you a hike in your online presence (at least for a while), the sites depending on pure ‘white hat’ and ‘grey hat’ SEO are pretty rare. When you can build high-quality links which will not backfire at any point, why would you choose not to conform?


What Our Clients Say About Us

Sasneh and the team at Backlink Builders know their stuff. They’ve been building links for me for a while. They’ve been able to deliver high-quality backlinks from real sites that move the needle. I highly recommend them for their understanding of SEO and their customer service.
Steve Toth photo

Steve Toth

SEO Consultant, SEO Notebook
When I scaled up the Growthetics Agency, Backlink Builders came to the rescue. If you want high-quality links from authoritative sites with real traffic, then you'll love what Sasneh and the team offer. I am pretty much impressed with their turnaround time and excellent customer support.
Adi Suja photo

Adi Suja

Founder and CGO, Growthetics Agency
When it comes to white hat link building, I highly recommend using this service. Sasneh and his team are highly professional and responsive, very different from other providers I’ve worked with in the past. You can be sure they will never let you down. I will continue to use their service for the foreseeable future.
Sandra Ghaoui photo

Sandra Ghaoui

Founder and VP, Market 8 Agency

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